Thursday 25 October 2012

Guardian Angel triple easel card

This is a very decadent Christmas card - using my new favourite technique of using rock salt with shimmer sprays.

To create this card, spray three A6 sheets with Cosmic Shimmer Mist. I used Lilac Night, Blue Lime and Midnight Blue. While the ink is still wet, sprinkle with some rock salt and leave to dry.

When dry, brush off the salt - you will find that the salt has dispersed the ink giving a "galaxy" effect.

 Cut out two of the spritzed sheets with the beautiful Spellbinders Fancy Lattice die

Meanwhile take the Spellbinders Marvelous Squares die set 

 and cut out two of the largest dies in a coordinating pearlised card stock.

Make three creases at 1” intervals at the top of one of the squares. Fold over the three creases forming a little box onto which you will attach your upright square with the remaining base facing forward. 

Cut the same size out of your spritzed paper and trim slightly smaller than the background so that when you glue the frame and background together you will not see the edge of the lattice paper.

Now using the largest die with the second largest together cut to form the frame and layer the back lattice and frame together and fix the whole thing to the base with the box, remembering to keep the base facing forward onto which the next stage will fix.

Repeat the whole process to create  your second and third easel panels.

Take the Noel sentiment from the Crimson Cloud Guardian Angel stamp set 

and emboss onto your front panel.

With the second smallest Marvelous Squares die cut a background for your star from Crimson Cloud Stag and Sentiments Stamp Set

Cut out the two smallest square dies together to make a frame for the star and attach to the largest stage.

Your three ‘little boxes’ can now be glued to each other lining them up on the right side and only apply the glue to the over lapping area.

Stamp the Guardian Angel onto a piece of card and cut it out. This shape can now be used as a template to cut out your angel from the spritzed paper. I used a little piece of card rolled up and glued to the back of the angel to off set her. 

All that is left to do now is decorate with gems or pearls of your choice. I also used some of the negative corners from the number four die to pretty up the front corners on top of the ribbon.

The card will stand quiet steadily as long as you do not over work the creases as this will break down the integrity of the card and it will lose its strength.
I know this because………..:-)

I hope you enjoy making this unusual Christmas Card which can be adapted to any theme.
Linda xxx

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