Friday 29 July 2011

Spiral Roses Tutorial

Flowers and roses are everywhere at the moment, and I love them!  Although they look very complicated on a card, they are so quick and easy to make.

At Crimson Cloud, we supply the spiral circles either as an SVG file for your Cricut, or as a pack of 6 die cut from pearlised card in lilac or cream.

You start off with some card or heavy paper cut in a spiral circle. 
The ones shown below are 3 inches wide and will make a flower about 1 1/2 inches wide.

To give your flower the distinctive petal effect of a rose, take the spiral and bend it in half along the whole length until you reach the middle.  It should look like this -

Then, taking the outside edge of your spiral, roll it up length ways. It can be a bit difficult to get started, but you soon get going. When you reach the centre, tuck it under the spiral. When it is all rolled up it should look a bit like this - 

If you let go of the flower, the spiral relaxes a little to give looser, more open look. I use a large sticky dot to stick the centre to the back of the rose - it seems to hold it quite well.

Once I had made my flowers, I decided to use them as Christmas roses. I added some bling by setting a gem at the centre of each rose - what do you think?

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