Thursday 9 February 2012

Elegant Evening Dress

This very elegant evening dress came about as a result of trying to design a birthday card for my daughter which would surprise her.

Running Crimson Cloud means she knows most of the tricks and all the products of the trade. So, a wee bit of a challenge!
But not to be put off I designed an SVG of a very simple evening gown on a hanger (this is our free svg of the month) -

This I covered in our little Crimson Cloud roses of the same colour -

Trimming a few of the roses to keep the hour glass shape! A little flattery goes a long way!

Having finished ‘the dress’ I needed something to hang it on and created another SVG of the Cheval mirror frame and glass -

The frame was easy just to cut out of a nice ‘woody’ colour, trim with a few cut out embellishments to create an illusion of carving. 
The actual mirror is cut from a metal craft sheet the reverse of which is shiny!! Double sided sticky paper is the easiest way to attach it convincingly to the frame.
The tiny little high heels each with a scaled down rose to match came from Cricut American Alphabet which fortunately for me came ready loaded on my new Cricut Machine.
Melanie was whisked off to Venice for a surprise birthday treat from her husband where she would have looked totally in style stepping off of a gondola in this lovely evening dress. But, unfortunately it was freezing and she had to settle for a woolly beanie hat, gloves and boots, more Benny from Crossroads than Angelina Jolie from The Tourist!!!!
Linda xxx
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