Saturday 13 August 2011

Alcohol on Water

I saw this fab technique on TV the other day and really wanted to try it. I love alcohol inks and am always pleased to find a new way of using them.

Take a shallow dish (I used a takeaway dish) and half fill it with water.

Drip two or three drops of alcohol inks onto the surface of the water. Then do the same with two more colours (I find using three colours works best).

Lay a piece of card onto the surface of the water - you can use matt or glossy card. Lift the card up and you will have a beautiful marbled effect. You can either leave your card to dry naturally, or use your heat gun which also moves the ink around the card.

I have tried this technique using various combinations of colours:

Mountain Rose, Willow and Cloudy Blue - this gives a very subtle effect.

Red Pepper, Lettuce and Orange - a richer, autumnal background.

Purple Twighlight, Raspberry and Pool - a brighter background.

Pesto, Raisin and Stonewashed - lovely, earthy tones.

Eggplant, Hazlenut and Meadow - another subtle combination.

I have discovered Zentangle recently - so have acquired another addiction! I decided these tags would make fantastic backgrounds to tangle on.

I hope you enjoy trying out this technique with your alcohol inks.
Mel xxx
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