Tuesday 23 August 2011

Art Nouveau Lady

I am so excited that we have finally got the new Art Nouveau Cricut cartridge in stock - it is definitely my new favourite!

I couldn't wait to get started with it so decided to make a thank you card for some friends.

The handbook for this cartridge has a new (to me) feature - beside each shape they list the minimum size for optimal cutting. Very handy if, like me, you get frustrated with trying to cut the shapes out too small.

I chose my favourite image on the cartridge (woman2) and cut her out at 8 inches along with all of her layers.

As you can see she cut out beautifully. I wanted a simple background for her so cut the background arch using "lily" - layer 2 at 7.5 inches and 7.75 inches in two colours.

To add a bit of texture, I embossed the background using the Touch of Mica Ivy Mask.

I hope you enjoy this cartridge - it could become your favourite too!
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  1. I just got this cartridge and was looking for some inspiration. Glad I found you. :)