Wednesday 10 August 2011

Geisha Girl with Fan

I painted a picture of a geisha girl for my daughter Melanie’s birthday, which she loved. 
We decided maybe you would like it too. So, I have created a digi-stamp of her which I then ‘painted’ with the wonderful new range of Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic Drawing Inks. They are so much more than drawing inks. I love them because they are always ready, dry quickly and are so versatile.
Think of this image as painting by numbers but without the numbers!  You can lose the lines as I have or keep them as your guide.
For a soft dreamy effect paint wet into wet, for harder lines just wait a few moments to continue. Mixing colours on your craft sheet is fun or you can paint directly onto your card. The little brushes are so delicate that they do not rough the surface. It was huge fun and very satisfying to do a little painting. The beautiful colours that I chose        to use are listed below. A little tip, although the inks will not spill if knocked over try to remember to pull the brush out away from your picture or you may get ‘splatter pattern’.
Cosmic Skin                  DenimCosmic Blush               Chestnut Brown
Pearl Shine                   Ancient Copper
Crimson Flame             Silver Sheen
Purple Velvet                Sunshine Yellow
Black Night                   Rich Gold
There are lots more fabulous colours for you to choose from.

Enjoy playing and let us know how it goes.

Linda xxx
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